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Quest of Enchantment Series

A Mystical Journey

Join Erica on her adventures into the unknown world of art! Be with her every step as she goes through painting to painting. Marvel at different illusions she encounters. Discover the secrets that need to be explored! Take a missing child, a hostess thought to be dead, and a mother hiding something from her daughter. China comes across these adventures as she tries to find Erica, unearthing these mysteries and many more in her search. Past secrets………..Mysteries galore………New friendships awaiting on this mystical journey!

The Enchanted Entrance

Last summer, Erica had the adventure of a life time traveling through a world of art and paintings. But that seemed to be only the beginning. Now she is finding out what it truly means to go through a story page by page. Joined by her parents and her friend, China, they explore this unique, unknown book realm universe. They will meet with familiar characters from beloved book series, such as: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and many more. Relive the children’s classics as suddenly the books seem to come alive.

A Venice Voyage

In a Mystical Journey, Erica discovered the art world. In, Enchanted Entrance, there was the book world where China and Erica met the Book Meister, who gifted them key chains. They would have never guessed that these key chains had the power to send them through time.
Can China and Erica save the day again on their journey through history? They are on a mission to find the time keeper’s son before time itself starts to unravel.

Forgotten Memories

Erica and China are on an adventure again. This time, discovering the lost city of Atlantis but can they also discover their lost memories where they have forgotten one another? Find out in the fourth book of the Quest of Enchantment series.

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The Unicorn Universe Series


Kristyn knows deep down she is adopted. She thinks she is from a planet known as Earth but she was raised on Unicon in the Unicorn Universe. She wants to go to Earth to see where she came from. Will her mission be successful?

Dimensions Apart

Coming Soon 2025!

Book two of The Unicorn Universe.

Phenomenal Planet

Coming Soon 2026!

Book three of The Unicorn Universe

 Critters Series

Honey and Lightening, Private Eyes to the Rescue

Private eyes Honey and Lightening investigate the disappearance of Carl the Caterpillar! Does his wife, Stella know more than she is telling? Find out in this exciting tale!

Honey and Lightening, The Case of the Missing Honey BK 2

Honey bee is determined to find her family’s missing honey. She knows she and Detective Lightening will solve the case but she might have another mystery to solve when her partner goes solo investigating a new lead leaving her on her own.

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Honey and Lightening BK 3


Coming Soon, TBA

Critter Series

To read more on the Critter Series go to Author Trisha King!

 Heart of Gold Series

Ugly Is As Ugly Does


Coming Soon, TBA

The Nice Skeleton


Coming Soon, TBA

Children Stand Alone Books

You Lucky Duck!

Lucky is so unlucky. He feels he is cursed when bad things keep happening but he finds out when he meets Bella, he knows he is pretty lucky, after all.

Fairy Troll

Moonbeam is blown off her cloud home and ends up in the land of trolls. She meets Luke. He helps her find her way home and the pair come the most unlikely friends.

Animial Love For You & Me An ABC Book

Meet Chasity. She wants to be a vet just like her Aunt Bessie. See the animals she learns about and helps her aunt treat!


Toni never liked her name. That is till she met ToniFish. Will Tonifish convince Toni that is the name she needs to keep?

Miles To Go

Miles wants to enter the Race! But he can’t reach the pedals. Can his new friend help him? Find out in this book about teamwork and friendship.

The Magical Paintbrush

Lucca has always been really close with his grandfather. One day his grandfather gave him a paintbrush and Lucca was surprised what magic the paintbrush held. When his grandfather suddenly passes away, will his paintbrush still possess that magic?

Kaitiebug the Ladybug

Tonya Christine Hewitt brings you her new book about friendship. All Kaitiebug ever wanted was a friend. Can she find someone to be her friend?

Cash into the Unknown

Cash sees an air drone that crashes into his yard but when he goes to investigate it, he gets trapped in some kind of video game. Will he be able to find his way out of the game and find his way home?

Be Cool With Jules: My Vacation Scrapbook

Travel the world with Jules as she goes down the alphabet learning new words from different languages.

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The Butterfly Cousins

Bella and Tracy are the best of friends and cousins. Each have a problem but they discover with one another’s friendship they can get through anything.

Diary Devotional Series

Life Hurts, God Heals

Janey is having a hard time with forgiveness. She challenges herself to read the bible more as she is hoping it will help her forgive even though she struggles with it. Can it also help her let go of her resentment of her past against her dad? This book reads like a diary and it is a personal diary for all life’s struggles that you have to face just as Janey faces them. But she knows God is always there, no matter what.

Beyond Grief, God’s Relief

Brad is having a hard time dealing with his aunt’s death. From nightmares to panic attacks, Brad is trying hard to keep it together. His girlfriend suggests keeping a diary and reading the Bible to help him and he is surprised at how it helps. Brad needs to turn to somebody. Is he able to turn to God and forget his grief? This unique book includes scripture and also lets you write in the diary as you read Brad’s story.

A Lost Cause, Prayer Beats the Odds

Molly is sick and the doctors do not know why. With her best friend on vacation visiting her dad and her boyfriend constantly busy, she feels she has no one and discovers she can turn to God for everything. After all, Jesus is the Great Physician.

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 Career Books

ABC…Job Possibilities

Find out what jobs there could be from A to Z. There are many to choose from. What do you want to be when you grow up?

ABC Careers 2 for Me and You

Tonya Christine Hewitt’s book tells more jobs you can do starting from A to Z. See what jobs there are as you go down the alphabet.

Dreaming of What I Want To Be From A TO Z

Hewitt’s third alphabet books involving careers makes you be inspired to be anything you want to be! She never wants you to give up on your dream and eventually, your dream can be a reality!

YA Stand Alone Books

Different Colored Dreams

Best friends Monica and Lacey have been friends for years. With all the racism happening in the news lately, will they let that affect their friendship?

Soda Pop Love

It had always been just Roxanne and her dad ever since her mother died but she has been seeing Kyle for quite awhile. In this love story based on the urban legend on how a certain favorite drink was made, see if he can gain her father’s approval for the two of them to be together.

Poetry Books

Poetic Dreams

A world of dream like poems that makes our imagination a reality.

Secret Scribbles

Secret Scribbles is the raw emotion we all feel as we look at each poem. We will discover the secrets of crushes, the heartbreak of romance, the joy of love. All poured into this book.

Ooh La La

A poem fantasizing about going to Paris. The pictures makes this fantasy almost true.

Christine’s Written Christmas

Capture the spirit of Christmas in Tonya Christine Hewitt’s new book. Christine’s Written Christmas is a collection of poetry and short stories that will get you in the Christmas spirit, making you feel like a kid, anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival and knowing the real meaning of Christmas: the birth of baby Jesus.

Adult Stand Alone Books

Written Hearts

Lyric Sumner is taking care of her mother, who just got diagnosed with cancer. She decides to write to the author of a book, who wrote a subject dealing with it himself when he lost his father few years back. Huntley Crisp and Lyric Sumner begin exchanging letters and they eventually realize they needed that treasured kind of friendship and begin to love one another over the letters they write.

Trail of Tears

Zharan and Joseph have a forbidden romance. He is white and she is a Native American. There is talk about the president forcing the Indians to move out west. Will their love survive?

Facts Books

Counting From 1 to 100: The Number Fact Book

Facts about numbers will help children to learn their numbers. This will teach children to count as well as different facts about each number.

The Date Book: Taking a Ride Through History

This book starts from January 1st to December 31st and will tell you a fact about each day. Find out what happened or who was born on certain days. Take a ride through history and see where you end up!


There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.

-Beatrix Potter

Meet the Author

Tonya Christine Hewitt

 have wanted to be a writer ever since I was 8 years old. I grew up a Navy brat, moving around A LOT! I lived on the navy base in Norfolk, Va, Groton, Ct, Mobile, Al and probably numerous other states as well…

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Cancelled Book Signing! Cleveland, TN

Due to COVID-19 the book signing at the public library in Cleveland Tn was cancelled.

Join three amazing authors at the public library on Saturday, March 21st at  10:30AM.Tonya Christine Hewitt, Trisha King and Phyllis Finnell; are eager to talk about their upcoming and current books.

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